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Hole Products has a long history of servicing the drilling industry. Our company started in 2007 and has continued to grow and expand. We currently have 9 warehouse locations including a newly opened international warehouse in Canada. Our main focus has always been to help our customers and be present in all markets of the drilling industry. We are able to achieve superior customer service by employing those who have worked in the field.

Hole Products has grown since 2007, we would like to share our highlights.:

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April - Hole Products opened it's first location in Wausau, WI.

Our first Hole Products location opened in Wausau, WI and housed an 11,000 square foot warehouse. It was originally located in the Wausau West Industrial park, but has since moved to facilitate our growing Distribution Center.

May - Hole Products opened it's second location in Norcross, GA.

Our Norcross location boasts a warehouse facility with over 13,000 square feet, and houses seven employees.


June - Northeast Expansion with additional Sales Representative.

Expanding our territory to include the Northeastern states, by employing a sales representative to focus on our customers in this area.


October - Hole Products opens it's third location in Orlando, FL.

Our Florida location has over 10,500 sq. feet and currently has 5 employees, and uses two delivery vehicles.


February - Hole Products opens in house marketing department.

Bringing in an in house marketing team allowed to take an active role with our advertising efforts, and ensure a strong presence at tradeshows around the country.


March - Hole Products opens a new location in Earth City, MO.

This new location gave us the ability to effectively service the eastern portion of the Midwest that isn't currently being serviced by our Minnesota and Wisconsin locations. Our 7,300 sq. ft. facility is stocked with quality core drilling, geotechnical/environmental, HDD, rotary and sonic drilling products ready to ship.


July - Hole Products opens a new location in Little Falls, MN.

Hole Products proudly opened our new administrative headquarters. To better serve our customers, suppliers and employees, Hole Products has moved all accounting, human resources and marketing functions under one roof.


January - Hole Products goes online

To showcase our vast product lines, and connect with more customers, we launched an online presence with www.holeproducts.com. This gave our customers 24 hours access to our complete list of products and a chance to learn more about the markets we serve.


August - Hole Products launches Sonix and V-core tooling systems

Our complete line of Sonic drilling tooling has been a game changer with Hole Products. Our tools are designed and manufactured to withstand the rigors unique to sonic drilling. We introduced our V-Core line that offers quality, innovative core tooling designed for safe and productive drilling.



January - Hole Products launches Global Catalog

Hole Products creates and publishes a complete product catalog for our customers. Bringing our inventory to print allowed us to enhance our product offering with selection guides, product information, and industry knowledge provided by our employees.



August - Hole Products opens new Distribution Center

Hole Products added to their Wausau, Wisconsin location by incorporating a distribution center to accomodate inventory in a 20,000+ sq. ft. warehouse. This location has also expanded again in 2017 to better serve our customers.


March - Hole Products launches new product line: Force DPT

With an unrivalled inventory, in-stock at multiple locations throughout the US, coupled with Hole Products, sales, service, and distribution network, FORCE DPT provides drillers the direct push alternative they've been waiting for.



February - Hole Products opens new location in Ontario, CA

Hole Products expands West and opens a new location in Ontario, California. The new warehouse facility boasts over 13,000 sq. ft. for inventory, and has six employees. Their largest delivery truck offers a 48,000 lb. payload and is used daily for deliveries throughout California and neighboring states.



January - Hole Products expands East to New Jersey

The new 12,000 sq. ft. warehouse is now fully stocked with a wide range of tooling and consumables to service the Direct Push, Environmental/Geotech, Geothermal, HDD, Mineral Exploration, Rotary, and Sonic drilling industries. Doug and his staff service all of the North East and offer complete delivery and logistical solutions.



April - Hole Products celebrates 10 years!

Hole Products was able to celebrate 10 years of expanding in the drilling industry and growing to be a top supplier for all markets. We continue to maintain a high level of customer service while providing our customers with knowledge and experience from our employees.


November - Hole Products opens new location in Arizona

Hole Products' eighth location is in Chandler, Arizona. This location boasts a 10,700 sq. ft warehouse and aids the California location by serving customers in the southwest.



April - Hole Products launches HP Anywhere!

Hole Products introduces the industry's leading e-commerce solution with it's newly developed online storefront, allowing it's customers 24 hour access to product lines, virtual schemtatics, past order history, and pricing. Now customers are able to place orders and request quotes for projects, even after Hole Products' physical stores have closed.


August - Hole Products opens in Canada

Hole Products continues to expand to offer it's customers access to fully stocked warehouses. A newly opened location in Ontario, Canada offers over 10,000 sq. ft of warehouse space with convenience to major highways and airports. Travis Robinson heads up this location and brings along over 10 years of drilling field experience.