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U-Pack Screen


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U-Pack Screen

U-Pack® Well Screens offer an economical solution for installing wells where a normal sand pack is not feasible. Typical applications include horizontal and angled wells, artesian wells, rock wells, jetted wells, open excavations, silty and fine grained soils, heaving sands, industrial filtration, and the relining of deteriorated wells.

  • U-Pack® well screens consist of an outer PVC well screen and a centralized inner PVC well screen.
  • U-Pack® well screens are shipped fully assembled and ready to pack. Since they are shipped empty, freight costs are reduced and ease of handling is increased. These units are filled with a clean filter media before, during, or after the well is drilled. A different filter media may be used for each hole depending on the well requirements.
  • All materials are clean, ink free, and NSF approved. Additionally no glues or solvents are used in the manufacturing or assembly of these units.
  • U-Pack® well screens are available from 1/2" to 6" diameters in a variety of lengths, slot sizes, and slot configurations. U-packs come standard with M x M FJT threads that conform to ASTM F-480.
  • Flush Thread U-Pack® screens are compatible with our PVC flush thread casings. Units can be ordered with flush thread caps or female flush thread points for the bottom.

Please contact your Hole Products representative for additional information and ordering assistance.

U-Pack 1" x 10' PVC well screens. 


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