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Surge Blocks


Hole Products offers a variety of sizes and styles of surge blocks. Surge blocks are designed to develop gravel packed wells by gently forcing water to flow through the screen. The in and out action helps provide for maximum water flow into the well by settling and setting the gravel pack.


PVC Surge Blocks

PVC surge blocks are constructed of solid PVC and designed to match the applicable I.D. of Schedule 40 PVC. PVC surge blocks are internally threaded with female pipe threads.

5700035 2" 3/4" NPT
5700036 2" REPLACEMENT SEALS - (5) ------
5700145 2" REPLACEMENT KIT ------
5700025 4" 1" NPT
5700048 4" REPLACEMENT SEAL - (5) ------
5700029 4" REPLACEMENT KIT ------
5700082 6" 2" NPT
5700140 6" REPLACEMENT SEAL - (5) ------
5700028 6" REPLACEMENT KIT ------


2" PVC surge block with 3/4" NPT connections.

Well Developer Surge Block

Well Developer surge blocks utilize the surge block method and ball valve to effectively develop a well and purge clays and silt all in one step. These surge blocks are available in two series for use in wells ranging from 3/4" to 6".

Environmental Series

The Environmental Series includes lightweight, inexpensive, disposable well developers that can be operated manually using flexible or rigid tubing
(PVC, PEX, or polyethylene). The Environmental Series includes smaller
well developers ranging from 3/4" through 2". These tools work best in wells
with water levels to 30' and well depths to 100'.

5700150 3/4"
5700037 1"
5700155 1 1/4"
5700160 1 1/2"
5700038 2"
 2" Well developer, well development surge block

Production Series

The Production Series includes 4" and 6" reusable well developers. They are constructed of a tough ABS body, feature a molded 1 1/2" steel female NPT pipe fitting for attaching to a weighted wireline or drill pipe, and four tough, field replaceable polyurethane wipers. To convert to a less aggressive two wiper development tool, spacer rings are available to be used in place of two of the wipers.

5700033 4"
5700163 5"
5700165 6"

4" Production series well developer surge block.



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