Reverse Circulation Drill Rods

Reverse Circulation Drill Rods


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Reverse Circulation Drill Rods

Hole Products offers a complete line of premium quality reverse circulation, drill rods, in sizes from 3 1/2" to 10 3/4", and with a number of thread connections. All Reverse Circulation rods are manufactured using the most advanced technologies and specifically engineered to provide high strength, excellent wear resistance, and long life.

RC, dual wall drill rods are manufactured with an outer drill rod and an inner tube located inside the rod. When the drill rods are threaded together, the inner tubes seal together to provide a continuous route for cuttings to travel from the bit face to the surface for collection.

Please contact your Hole Products representative for additional details,
and ordering assistance.

Reverse Circulation drill rod stacked at job site. 


 Thread Type  Remet  Remet  Remet  Metzke  Metzke  Matrix  Matrix
 Rod O.D.  3 1/2"  4"  4 1/2"  4"  4 1/2"  4" 4 1/2" 
 Outer Tube O.D.  88.9mm 101.7mm  114.3mm 101.7mm  114.3mm  101.7mm  114.3mm 
 Outer Tube I.D.  81.8mm 94.6mm  107.2mm  94.6mm  107.2mm  94.6mm  107.2mm 
 Outer Tube W.T.  5.3mm 7.1mm  7.1mm  7.1mm  7.1mm  7.1mm  7.1mm 
 Inner Tube O.D.  38.1mm 50.8mm 63.5mm  50.8mm  63.5mm  50.8mm  63.5mm 
 Inner Tube I.D.  32.6mm 45.3mm 58mm 45.3mm  58mm  45.3mm  58mm 
 Inner Tube W.T.  5.5mm 5.5mm 5.5mm  5.5mm  5.5mm  5.5mm  5.5mm 
 Spanner Flat  90mm  90mm 90mm 90mm  90mm  90mm  90mm 
 Weight 3.0m  75kg.  75kg.  95kg.  75kg.  95kg.  75kg.  95kg.
 Weight 6.0m  120kg.  150kg.  168kg.  150kg.  168kg.  150kg.  168kg.



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