Reverse Circulation Bits

Reverse Circulation Bits


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Reverse Circulation Bits

Hole Products offers a complete line of Reverse Circulation hammer bits, tricones, and pdc’s for use in a variety of formations, and under a wide range of drilling parameters. Bits are available in a variety of sizes and styles and with a number of thread connections.


Reverse Circulation hammer bits are similar to conventional hammer
bits, but feature sample recovery ports in the face and a large bore
through the center to accept the hammer’s inner tube. Deep channels
on the outside of the drill bit head to allow the exhaust air to force
the sample into the recovery ports in the bit face.

Reverse Circulation Hammer Drill Bit 


Reverse Circulation tricones are available for use in a variety of rock
formations, and with open or sealed bearings. Reverse Circulation
tricones are similar to conventional tricones, but feature a bored
out center, to allow samples up the inner tube.

 Reverse Circulation Tricone Drill Bit


Reverse Circulation PDC bits are fully customizable to meet
any drilling parameters, and for use in a variety of formation.
Reverse Circulation PDC’s are similar to conventional PDC bits,
but feature an open center.

 Reverse Circulation PDC Drill Bit



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