PCD Bit Ordering Guidelines

PCD Bit Ordering Guidelines


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PCD Bit Ordering Guidelines

Ordering PCD Bits

  1. Size - Bits are available in all standard industry sizes.
  2. Gauge - Available in standard (S) equal to reaming shell (RSG) and oversized (OS) gauges.
  3. PCD Cutter Size - Available with 8mm or 13mm PCD cutters. Custom sizes available.
  4. No. of PCD Cutters - Available with any number of PCD cutters for drilling
    in specific formations.
  5. Waterway Configurations - Bits are available with Double Angle (DA),
    Deep ID (DID), and Face Discharge (FD) waterway configurations.
    Custom options available.
Close-up of PCD Cutters. 




Global Sales: 1.888.465.1569
Arizona Office: 844.836.6225
California Office: 844.573.0854
Florida Office: 877.544.4211
Georgia Office: 888.448.4430
Minnesota Office: 320.616.0701
Missouri Office: 877.699.2159
New Jersey Office: 888.379.0371
North Carolina Office: 828.838.2110
Pennsylvania Office: 717.515.9809
Wisconsin Office: 888.465.3704