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Other Soil Samplers


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Other Soil Samplers

Modified California Sampler

The Modified California Sampler is a split-barrel sampler adapted to allow installation of 12" or 18"
rings or liners. The most common size is 3'' O.D. x 2.50" I.D. with a shoe bore of 2.38". They often
include a 6" long non-split section of barrel above the split barrel section. This 6" long section is a
"sluff barrel" and is intended to receive loose soil (sluff) which may have been on the bottom of
the bore hole prior to driving of the sampler. Sluff barrels may be 2.50" I.D. allowing for use of a
6" long liner or 2.38" I.D. which eliminates the use of a liner.

Close-up of a Modified California soil sampler.

Pitcher Sampler

The Pitcher Sampler combines a thin-walled tube (protruding out the bottom) with a cutter barrel.
The tube is on a spring-loaded mechanism that will compress if hard soils are encountered. The tube stays extended in soft soils but is pushed back into the cutter barrel in hard soils. In hard soils the cutter advances the hole, and the tube is protected against buckling.


Hydraulic Piston Sampler

The Hydraulic Piston Sampler uses water or air pressure to advance the sample tube. As pressure is applied, the piston in the head of the assembly forces the thin wall sample tube into the formation to collect the sample. When the sampler reaches its maximum travel, the water or air used for pressing the piston returns immediately to the surface, signaling the operator the sample tube has been pushed to its maximum depth.

 Close-up of a Hydraulic Piston soil sampler.



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