Impregnated Bit Waterway Configurations

Impregnated Bit Waterway Configurations


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Impregnated Bit Waterway Configurations

Hole Products diamond bits are offered with multiple custom waterway configurations. Waterway selection
should be determined based on the drilling conditions, and adjusted appropriately to cool the bit, flush
away cuttings, and maximize penetration rates.


Impregnated Bit Waterway Configuration: Standard

Standard waterways are recommended for most general purpose core jobs, and offer great fluid circulation in a variety of conditions.


Impregnated Bit Waterway Configuration: Turbo

Turbo waterways provide increased flushing ability and lessen the contact area of the bit to the rock, thus giving the bit more cutting ability with less pressure. Available in impregnated bits only.


Impregnated Bit Waterway Configuration: Face Discharge

Recommended for very soft and broken formations or when using triple-tube barrels. FD waterways increase flushing characteristics to prevent waterway blockage, by ejecting fluid through ports molded into the face of the bit.


Impregnated Bit Waterway Configuration: Deep

Designed for loss of circulation applications. Fluid is ejected through ports molded into the face of the bit, resulting in minimum core wash and reducing the potential for subsequent core erosion.


Impregnated Bit Waterway Configuration: Tapered

Recommended for soft and broken formations when standard waterways may become blocked. The taper flushes cuttings to help keep the waterways clear.


 Impregnated Bit Waterway Configuration: Spiral

Recommended for drilling in broken formations. Specifically angled waterways allow for greater fluid ejection. Available in surface set bits only.


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