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Grout Shoes

Hole Products offers a wide range of custom grout shoes manufactured from aluminum and made to any size, in order to meet your specific project requirements.

Grouts shoes are designed to simplify the process of grouting casing into overburden formations.


The grout shoe is welded to the end of the casing and installed into the borehole. A stinger is attached to a tremie line and lowered into the casing until the stinger o-rings seat into the grout shoe funnel, providing a tight seal.

As grout is pumped through the tremie line, it exits the grout shoe side outlets and is forced up the annulus of the borehole. Double ball valves prevent the grout from traveling back up into the I.D. of the casing.

Upon completion of the grouting process, the aluminum grout shoe is simply drilled out, and the borehole can continue into bedrock.


3951004 5” GROUT SHOE
3951005 6” GROUT SHOE
3951010 8” GROUT SHOE
3951015 10” GROUT SHOE
3951025 12” GROUT SHOE
3951030 14” GROUT SHOE
3951035 16” GROUT SHOE
3951040 18” GROUT SHOE
3951045 20” GROUT SHOE
3951050 24” GROUT SHOE
3951051 26” GROUT SHOE



Close up of outside of grout shoe.  Close up of inside of grout shoe.
3951000 2” FEMALE NPT
Close up of stinger.



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