Foot Valves/Exhaust Tubes

Foot Valves/Exhaust Tubes


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Foot Valves/Exhaust Tubes

Replacement foot valves are available to fit a wide range of hammer bit shanks. Don't see what you need? Give us a call and we will get it.

DTH Foot Valve


3550019 SD4 Shank Bits
3551066 SD5 Shank Bits
3550001 SD6 Shank Bits
3550049 SD8 Shank Bits
3550072 SD10 Shank Bits
3550039 SD12 Shank Bits
3551134 QL40 Shank Bits
3550045 QL50 Shank Bits
3550003 QL60 Shank Bits
3551067 IR340/MD4 Shank Bits
3551049 IR340 Shank Bits - Heavy Duty
3551032 IR350 Shank Bits
3550002 IR360 Shank Bits
3551118 IR380 Shank Bits
3551069 MACH 303 Shank Bits


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