Cetco Drilling Additives

Cetco Drilling Additives


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Cetco Drilling Additives

Cetco Clay Cutter 3400340 5 gal. CLAY CUTTERTM

CLAY CUTTERTM is an ideal additive for HDD bores in reactive clay soils.

Cetco Drill-Terge 3400086 5 gal. DRILL-TERGETM

DRILL-TERGETM is designed to control interfacial tension and inhibit the hydration and dispersion of clay and shale.

Cetco Drill Terge

Cetco Insta-Vis Dry 3400137 14 lbs. INSTA-VISTM DRY

INSTA-VIS DRYTM improves drilling efficiency in both horizontal and vertically drilled holes by controlling shales and clays.

Cetco Insta-Vis Dry

Cetco Insta-Vis Plus 3400108 5 gal. INSTA-VISTM PLUS

INSTA-VISTM PLUS is a multi-functional liquid polymer designed to improve drilling efficiency in both horizontal and vertical drilled holes.

Cetco Insta-Vis Plus

Cetco Proshot 3400333 7.5 lbs. PROSHOTTM

PROSHOTTM is an easy mixing, water soluble, polymer used in horizontal and vertical drilling applications.

Cetco Rel-Pac 3400334 2 lbs. REL-PAC®

REL-PAC® is designed to increase borehole stability in a variety of rotary and horizontal drilling applications.

Cetco Super Pac 3400335 5 gal. SUPER PACTM

SUPER PACTM is an easy mixing, liquid polymer that enhances the properties of a bentonite drilling fluid.

Cetco Super Thin 3400135 45 lbs. SUPER THINTM

SUPER THINTM is a highly concentrated additive which reduces drilling fluid viscosity, and assist in settling solids.

Cetco Suspend-It 3400336 2 lbs. SUSPEND-ITTM

SUSPEND-ITTM is designed to enhance gel strength of the drilling fluid for improved suspension and transporting of drill cuttings, gravel, and cobble on long bores.

Cetco Variflo QD 3400116 25 lbs. VARIFLO® QD

VARIFLO® QD is a coarse granular, high-viscosity blend of guar gum formulated for easy and quick dispersion in drilling applications.

Cetco Versafoam Plus 3400119 43 lbs. VERSAFOAM® PLUS

VERSAFOAM® PLUS is an ultra high-yielding, biodegradable, liquid foaming agent for use in fresh and saltwater air rotary drilling.



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