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Baroid Drilling Additives


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Baroid Drilling Additives

Baroid AQF-2  3400021 5 gal. AQF-2TM


AQF-2TM foaming agent can be added to fresh water for air/foam, air/gel-foam, or mist drilling applications.

Baroid Aqua-Clear PFD  3400117 4 - 1 gal. jars AQUA-CLEAR®

AQUA-CLEAR® PFD concentrated liquid polymer is a dispersant that provides superior mud and sediment removal from the producing formation and gravel pack.

3450037 5 gal.
 Baroid Bara-Defoam 500 3451010 5 lbs. BARA-DEFOAM®

BARA-DEFOAM® 500 defoamer is designed for topical applications to break down foam associated with air/foam drilling operations.

Baroid Barafos  3400128 50 lbs. BARAFOS®

BARAFOS® non-glassy, modified polyphosphate is used as a thinner and dispersant in freshwater drilling fluids and as an aid in water well development.

Baroid 41  3400060 50 lbs. BAROID® 41

Baroid® 41 weighting material has a specific gravity of 4.1 and can be used to increase the density of drilling fluids up to 21 lbs./gal. (2.40 SG).


Baroid Con Det

3400025 5 gal. CON DET®

CON DET® is used as a wetting agent that promotes bit cleaning and reduces stickiness of clay.

Baroid Core-Lube  3451012 25 lbs. CORE-LUBETM

CORE-LUBETM is a natural, linseed-based soft soap which is used as an inner tube lubricant and minimizes core blockage caused by fractured/broken formations.

Baroid Diamond Seal  3450026 10 lbs. DIAMOND SEAL®

DIAMOND SEAL® is intended for use primarily as a lost circulation material for horizontal directional drilling.

Baroid Ez-Mud Polymer Emulsion  3400035 1 gal. EZ-MUD®

EZ-MUD® is used primarily as a borehole stabilizer. It can also be added to low-solids drilling fluids to help increase lubricity, fluid viscosity, and to help improve carrying capacity of air/foam injection fluids.

3400030 5 gal.
Baroid Ez-Mud Dry Polymer  3400036 14 lbs. EZ-MUD®

EZ-MUD® DP water-soluble polymer, disperses and dissolves in fresh water rapidly. When mixed with fresh water, EZ-MUD DP polymer hydrates quickly and forms a clear, viscous fluid.

Baroid Ez-Mud Gold  3400098 10 lbs. EZ-MUD®

EZ-MUD® GOLD can be mixed with water to improve drill hole stability for rotary mud-circulation drilling and to improve carrying capacity for air or air/foam drilling.

3400099 40 lbs.
Baroid Ez-Mud Plus  3400094 5 lbs. EZ-MUD®

EZ-MUD® PLUS is used primarily as a viscosifier and borehole stabilizer to help prevent reactive shales and clays from swelling and sloughing.

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3451015 5 gal. EP MUDLUBE®

EP MUDLUBE® modified tall oil fatty acid can be used to impart extreme pressure lubricating properties to drilling fluids.

Baroid Fuse-It  3451013 5 gal. FUSE-IT®

FUSE-IT® is a fast-acting lost circulation material designed to help seal off loss circulation zones, allowing the operator to return to normal drilling activities.

Baroid Liqui-Trol  3400068 5 gal. LIQUI-TROLTM

LIQUI-TROLTM vicosifer is a modified natural cellulosic polymer, in an ultra-clean oil. It is suitable for drilling in water sensitive formations.

 Baroid N-Seal 3450010 30 lbs. N-SEALTM

N-SEALTM lost circulation material can be used as an additive for loss of circulation in concentrations up to 70 lbs./100 gal.

 Baroid No-Sag 3400040 20 lbs. NO-SAG®

NO-SAG® is used to enhance the carrying capacity of both clay and polymer-base drilling fluids.

Baroid NXS-Lube  3400350 5 gal. NXS-LUBE®

NXS-LUBE® extreme pressure lubricant is specially formulated to help provide friction reduction in water-based fluids.


 Baroid Pentrol 3400065 5 gal. PENETROL®

PENETROL® wetting agent is designed to help counteract the sticking tendencies of clay and enhances the rate of penetration.

 Baroid Quik-Foam 3400020 5 gal. QUIK-FOAM®

QUIK-FOAM® foaming agent can be added to fresh, brine, or brackish water for air/foam, air/gel-foam, or mist drilling applications.

3400015 55 gal.
 Baroid Quik-Mud D-50 3400185 5 gal. QUIK-MUD® 

QUIK-MUD® D-50 liquid polymer dispersion is used primarily as a viscosifier and borehole stabilizer to prevent reactive shale and clay from swelling and sloughing.

Baroid Quik-Mud Gold  3400355 10 lbs. QUIK-MUD®

QUIK-MUD® GOLD clay/shale stabilizer assists in reducing swelling and/or dispersion. It also promotes borehole stabilization in water sensitive formations. It also assists in minimal rotational torque and circulating pressure.

3400356 40 lbs.
 Baroid Quik-Trol Gold 3400362 20 lbs. QUIK-TROL®

QUIK-TROL® GOLD polymer, when added to an AQUAGEL®, QUIK-GEL®, or BORE-GEL® slurry, yields a low filtrate drilling fluid system suitable for drilling in water sensitive formations.

3400215 40 lbs.
3400043 50 lbs.
 Baroid Quik-Trol Gold LV 3400044 20 lbs. QUIK-TROL® 

QUIK-TROL® GOLD LV filtration control additive, when added to an AQUAGEL, QUIK-GEL or BORE-GEL slurry, yields a low filtrate drilling fluid system suitable for drilling in water sensitive formations.

3400046 40 lbs.
3400220 50 lbs.
 Baroid Quik-Trol LV 3400045 20 lbs. QUIK-TROL® LV

QUIK-TROL® LV polymer, when added to a QUIK-GEL or BORE-GEL slurry, yields a drilling mud system suitable for drilling in sandy formation.

3400225 40 lbs.
 Baroid Soda Ash 3450005 50 lbs. SODA ASH

SODA ASH granular powder is primarily used to help condition and soften make-up water and raise pH.

 Baroid System Floc 360 3400360 5 gal. SYSTEM FLOC

SYSTEM FLOC 360® polymeric flocculant is used to flocculate clays and shales encountered in drilling operations and facilitate disposal of water-based drilling fluids.



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