Wireline Head Assemblies

Wireline Head Assemblies


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Wireline Head Assemblies

V-latch Head Assemblies

V-latch wireline head assemblies incorporate the proven technology of
the spring latch head with wider and heavier latches. Wider and heavier latches mean less maintenance time and better locking strength. The mechanical latch retraction feature of the V-latch head assembly increases the power at which the latches retract. The system does not
rely on the latch retracting case to retract the latches thus reducing
the chance of a stuck tube.

Worried about conversion from other latch style assemblies? Don’t be. Heads can be converted to V-latch in a few simple steps and at a minimal cost.

Spring Latch Head Assemblies

The spring latch head assembly is the veteran of wireline core barrel heads. This field proven design has been used and abused by drillers for decades. Modifications to this head have been made by Hole Products to improve the overall performance. These modifications include a pivoting spear point, core blockage indicator, landing indicator, and fluid retention valves. However, the latch design has remained unchanged.

Close-up of wireline coring spearhead. 


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