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Wireline Coring Systems

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A very efficient coring technique called wireline coring, makes it possible for the core sample to be retrieved from the bottom of the hole without removing the entire rod string. To retrieve the core sample, an overshot is lowered inside the drill rods on a wireline cable until it latches onto the spearhead point of the core barrel head assembly. Positive latching lifting dogs securely attach, and the core barrel inner tube containing the core sample is retracted to the surface using the wireline cable and winch.

Hole Products wireline coring systems are available in all standard DCDMA sizes. Optional thin kerf and triple tube designs are available to optimize productivity and core recovery in various formations.

Explore the subcategories below, view our online Coring Tools catalogs, or contact your Hole Products representative to learn more about our complete Core Retrieval Systems product offering. 

Picture showing wireline corebarrel, overshot, impregnated bit, and reaming shell.

  • Wireline Core Barrel Assemblies

    Wireline Core Barrel Assemblies

    Hole Products offers wireline core barrel assemblies in all standard DCDMA sizes, and with V-latch or Spring latch head assemblies.(View the separate V-latch/Spring latch head assembly descript...

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  • Wireline Head Assemblies

    Wireline Head Assemblies

    V-latch Head Assemblies V-latch wireline head assemblies incorporate the proven technology of the spring latch head with wider ...

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  • Overshots


    Overshots are a key component of wireline coring systems. To retrieve the core sample, the overshot is lowered into the hole on a wire cable until it comes in contact with the spearhead point o...

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  • Wireline Casing Advancers

    Wireline Casing Advancers

    Hole Products offers a complete line of wireline casing advancers, in all standard industry sizes. Wireline casing advancers are...

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  • Coring System Components

    Coring System Components

    Hole Products offers a complete line of components to compliment our coring systems, including core lifters, locking couplings, inner tubes and much more. Additional specialty components not sho...

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