Wireline Core Barrel Assemblies

Wireline Core Barrel Assemblies


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Wireline Core Barrel Assemblies

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Hole Products offers wireline core barrel assemblies in all standard DCDMA sizes, and with V-latch or Spring latch head assemblies.(View the separate V-latch/Spring latch head assembly descriptions.) 

Optional thin kerf and triple tube systems are available to optimize productivty and core sample recovery in a variety of formations.

Standard (WL) - our standard wireline core barrel assemblies are recommended for most common coring applications, and available in DCDMA sizes B, N, H, and P (call for A size systems).

Thin Kerf (2WL) - thin kerf wireline core barrels are designed to allow for a larger core sample while mainting the same hole size. The wireline thin kerf barrel is available in N size (call for additional sizes).

Triple Tube (3WL) - triple tube wireline core barrels use a split liner to enable sample recovery in soft or highly fractured formations. Split barrel wireline assemblies are available in N, H, and P sizes.

View our wireline core barrel assembly drawings and part numbers by clicking on a size designation below.

Contact a Hole Products representative for additional details about our complete line of wireline core barrel product offerings.



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