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Water Swivels & Spares

Hole Products offers a complete range of quality top feed, side feed, universal, and compact plus water swivels for use in all drilling industries. 

Swivels are designed to provide a watertight/airtight rotating joint to connect the pump to the drill string with a high pressure hose. Most swivels are suitable for use with a variety of flushing mediums including water, air, foam, or bentonite drilling fluids. All Hole Products’ swivels are field serviceable with minimal tooling and downtime.

Subs are available to adapt to all industry standard sized rods and casing. Click here to view the Drill Rods & Subs section.

Swivels shown in this section are representative of the industries most common sizes and styles. Additional swivels are available on request.

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  • Top Feed Water Swivels

    Top Feed Water Swivels

    Hole Products offers a variety of quality top feed water swivels for use on conventional rotary drill rigs. Swivels are designed to provide a watertight r...

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  • Side Feed Water Swivels

    Side Feed Water Swivels

    Hole Products offers a variety of quality side inlet water swivels, designed for use with hydraulic, top-head drive rigs and/or to convert auger rigs to c...

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  • Coring Swivels

    Coring Swivels

    Hole Products offers quality compact plus and universal high speed coring swivels. Coring swivels provide a watertight rotating joint to help pump pressur...

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