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Sonic Drilling Tools


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Sonic Drilling Tools

At Hole Products, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to provide the solutions successful sonic drilling companies require.

Sonic drilling is a specialized industry, and contractors need a specialized
supplier who understands the market, equipment, and drilling conditions unique to sonic. We understand that sonic drillers require specialized tooling engineered and built specifically to withstand the rigors of sonic drilling.

All of our sonic tooling is specifically manufactured to meet the rigorous
demands of sonic drilling, and field tested in a variety of conditions, thus
ensuring maximum productivity.

We stock a complete line of sonic drilling tools for both mini and large sonic drills, including drill rods, casing, core barrels, specialized drill bits, crossover subs, drivers, flange adapters, fishing tools, hoisting plugs, sample bags, and much more.

Explore the subcategories below, view our online Sonic Catalog, or contact your Hole Products representative to learn more about our complete
Sonic Drilling Tool product offering.

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  • Sonic Drill Rods

    Sonic Drill Rods

    Hole Products’ sonic rods are specifically designed and manufactured to withstand the rigorous demands unique to sonic drilling. Rods are heat treat...

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  • Sonic Casing

    Sonic Casing

    Hole Products offers a complete range of Parallel Wall or Three Piece inertia welded sonic casing. Sonic casings are available in sizes from ...

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  • Sonic Core Barrels

    Sonic Core Barrels

    Hole Products’ sonic core barrels are specifically designed and manufactured to provide excellent strength and durability in a variety of drilling con...

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  • Sonic Drill Bits

    Sonic Drill Bits

    Core barrel bits are available to fit core barrels from 3 1/2" - 8 5/8" with HP90 threads and in a variety of styles for use in all formations. Cu...

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  • Sonic Subs & Adapters

    Sonic Subs & Adapters

    Hole Products offers subs in a variety of sizes and styles for adapting between multiple tooling sizes and thread profiles. All subs are manufactured from t...

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  • Sonic Fishing Tools

    Sonic Fishing Tools

    Hole Products offers the fishing/recovery tools sonic drilling operations need to retrieve stuck, damaged or lost tooling from the borehole including tape...

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  • Sonic Hoisting Plugs

    Sonic Hoisting Plugs

    Sonic Drilling Hoisting Plugs make for easy raising and lowering of drill rods and casing. Hole Products hoisting plugs are constructed of premium quality...

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  • Sonic Water Sampler

    Sonic Water Sampler

    Hole Products’ sonic water sampler is an excellent tool for collecting reliable, isolated zone water samples on sonic drilling operations. ...

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  • Breakout Jaws

    Breakout Jaws

    Breakout jaws are designed to fit into the wrenches of sonic rigs to make and break rod and casing joints. Hole Products' jaws are machine faced from special grade tool steel and heat treated ...

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  • Sonic Drilling Accessories

    Sonic Drilling Accessories

    Hole Products offers the sonic drilling accessories contractors need to ensure safe and productive drilling. All sonic accessories are made from the finest quality materials and field te...

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