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Soil Sampling Systems


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Soil Sampling Systems

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The FORCE line of Direct Push Tooling includes a complete offering of single rod and dual tube soil sampling systems. Innovative manufacturing techniques coupled with world class raw materials ensure optimum performance, durability, and effective core recovery in a variety of overburden drilling conditions.

Single Rod Systems: Single Rod Systems utilize a single rod string to connect the sampling equipment to the rig. After being advanced into the formation to depth, the entire drill string must be retracted to collect the sample. The FORCE offering includes MC5 and MC7 conventional single rod systems offering tried and true simplicity and efficiency.

Dual Tube Systems: Dual Tube Systems combine an inner and outer rod string. As the system is advanced into the soil, the soil sample is collected in a sample tube connected to the inner rod string. When at depth, the inner rod string is retracted to collect the sample. The outer rod(s) remain in the ground, thereby serving as a casing for the inner rod string. Dual tube systems offer a number of advantages including preventing cave-ins, sealing off formations from above, and providing the ability to complete a number of additional sampling and monitoring tasks in the borehole. Complete DT22, DT325, DT35, DT37, and DT45 systems are in stock and ready for delivery.

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