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Sampling tools are designed to recover two distinct types of samples; disturbed or relatively undisturbed samples.

A disturbed sample is one in which the soil has been changed sufficiently that tests of structural properties of the soil will not be representative of their natural conditions. Disturbed samples are generally used in environmental applications. Examples of tooling used to collect disturbed samples are split spoons, modified California samplers, and similar style tooling.

A relatively undisturbed sample is one where the condition of the soil in the sample is close enough to the conditions of the natural soil to allow tests of structural properties or detailed laboratory analysis. Relatively undisturbed samples are commonly used in geotechnical and environmental applications. Examples of tooling used to collect relatively undisturbed samples are Shelby tubes, Piston Samplers, and similar style tooling.

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Shelby tube soil sample getting prepped and ready to send to lab for testing.

  • Split Spoon Samplers

    Split Spoon Samplers

    Split Spoon Samplers are ideal for surface sampling or sampling at various depths. Split spoon samplers split apart along the length of the tube to allow ...

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