Sandvik® Reverse Circulation Hammers & Bits

Sandvik® Reverse Circulation Hammers & Bits


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Sandvik® Reverse Circulation Hammers & Bits

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Hole Products offers a complete range of Sandvik reverse circulation hammers. These hammers feature a superior design, providing excellent performance and durability. Maximum energy output and minimum air consumption results in increased productivity and reduced costs.

Sandvik Reverse Circulation hammers provide feature a number of performance enhancing features including:

  • Large bore sample tube to increase hammer life and
    sample return.
  • Excellent performance with or without a booster.
  • Metal sprayed shroud to increase longevity.



Hole Products offers a complete range of Sandvik’s unique Ultra Flow Reverse Circulation bits. These bits feature a system that is designed to direct air in a straight line to the bit face via 8 exhaust channels. Bits are available in a wide range of sizes to meet any requirement. To optimize performance and bit life in a variety of rock conditions, Sandvik bits are offered with drop center, cross flow, or hard formation face designs.

Sandvik RC hammers and RC bits. 



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