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Roller cone bits have conical cutters or cones with steel teeth or tungsten carbide buttons around them. As the drill string is rotated, the bit cones roll along the bottom of the borehole in a circular motion. As they roll, new teeth come in contact with the bottom of the hole, chipping the formation below and around the bit tooth. Air or drilling fluid lift the crushed rock chips from the bottom of the hole and up the annulus. As rotation continues, another tooth makes contact with the bottom of the hole and creates new rock chips, thus, the process is continuous.

Hole Products offers a complete line of tricone, bicone and reverse circulation bits. Tricone bits are available in new and used (re-tip and re-run) steel tooth and tungsten carbide insert, sizes from 2 1/2" to 36" for use in all formations, with any bearing/seal type, and a wide range of additional custom features.

To simplify tricone bit selection, Hole Products follows the IADC bit classification system. The IADC Code describes a tricone bit, explaining the bit type (steel tooth of tungsten carbide insert), the formation(s) the bit is meant for, and the bearing/seal type. Click here to view the IADC code for tricone bits.

Explore the subcategories below, view our online Drill Bits catalog, or contact your Hole Products representative to learn more about our complete Tricone and Bicone Drill Bit offering.

Close-up of roller cone drill bit.


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