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Reverse Circulation Hammers


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Reverse Circulation Hammers

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Hole Products offers a complete line of Reverse Circulation hammers and spare parts
from the industry’s leading manufacturers including Mincon® and Sandvik®. Hammers
are available in a wide range of sizes and styles, to provide maximum performance and
longevity on all RC drilling jobs.

Reverse Circulation hammers are designed with an inner sample tube that extends through
the center and into the top of the hammer bit. The RC hammer exhausts the air between the
bit splines and over the face of the bit. This forces the sample into the recovery holes in the face of the bit, through the center of the hammer and upward through the drill rod inner tubes
to the surface for collection. The use of a shroud or collar is required when a RC hammer is used, to help direct the return air and cuttings up through the face of the bit.

Conventional DTH hammers can also be used in RC drilling operations, but increase the potential for sample loss and contamination. A conventional DTH hammer is used in conjunction with a cross-over sub located between the hammer and drill rod. The sample travels from the face of the bit up the outside of the hammer and into the cross-over sub.
The sub directs the sample up the center of the dual wall rods and to the surface.

RC drilling.


 The DTH hammer flushes cuttings out of the hole on the outside of the hammer, while the RC hammer collects all cuttings through the center of the hammer.  



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