Reverse Circulation Drilling Tools

Reverse Circulation Drilling Tools


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Reverse Circulation Drilling Tools

Reverse Circulation drilling is recognized as a fast and cost efficient alternative to diamond core drilling. With continuous advancements, deep holes and fast penetration rates are possible in almost all ground conditions, making Reverse Circulation the preferred drilling method for initial exploration, ore body development and other exploratory drilling.

Reverse Circulation drilling utilizes dual wall drill rods made up of an outer rod and an inner tube. The inner tube is designed to provide a continuous path for the drill cutting to pass from the bit face to the surface. Air or fluids are forced down the annulus between the drill rods and inner tube to the drilling tool (Reverse Circulation hammer, Tricone, or Fixed Cutter Bit). The cuttings return to the surface inside the inner tubes of the rods, where they are directed to a cyclone for separation and sample collection.

Hole Products offers a complete line of quality Reverse Circulation tooling including rods, subs, hammers, bits, and accessories. In addition, our sales and support team has the knowledge and experience necessary to provide troubleshooting and onsite tooling solutions.

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