Pipe Handling & Hoisting

Pipe Handling & Hoisting


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Pipe Handling & Hoisting

Hole Products offers a wide range of pipe handling and hoisting equipment to service the drilling industry including:

  • Hoisting Plugs - a variety styles, with a number of pin or box connections.
  • Lifters & Elevators - PVC lifters, pipe lifters, casing elevators, pipe tongs, and more.
  • Lift Rings -  a variety of rod sizes, open and closed styles, and standard or long shank models.
  • Hoisting Hooks - self-locking hooks, sling hooks, foundry hooks, and more.
  • Wrenches - aluminum and steel straight pipe wrenches, strap wrenches, chain wrenches, Petol® wrenches, and more.

Custom sizes, styles, and heavy duty models are available on request.

Explore the subcategories below, view our online catalog, or contact your Hole Products representative to learn more about our complete product offering.

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  • Hoisting Plugs

    Hoisting Plugs

    Hoisting Plugs make for easy raising and lowering of drill rods and casing. Hole Products' hoisting plugs are constructed of premium quality components, e...

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