PVC Well Screen, Casing & Accessories

PVC Well Screen, Casing & Accessories


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PVC Well Screen, Casing & Accessories

Hole Products offers a full line of PVC well screens, risers, casings, drop pipe, fittings, and accessories, as a long lasting alternative to steel.

PVC is economical, lightweight, durable, and customizable, making it an ideal solution offers a number of advantages over metal screens including custom
design flexibility, lightweight, and durability, making it an ideal solution for a
number of applications including:

  • Water wells
  • Monitoring wells
  • Vapor extraction wells
  • Groundwater extraction wells
  • Air or oxygen sparging
  • De-watering
  • Heavy metals sampling
  • Mining
  • And more...

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  • Flush Thread PVC

    Flush Thread PVC

    Hole Products offers flush thread screen, riser and fittings i...

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  • Speciality Screens

    Speciality Screens

    Hole Products offers an array of PVC well screens, which accommodates a variety of well projects and drilling economics. All PVC well screens are manufactured in accordance with strict engineering sta...

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  • Adapters


    Hole Products offers a wide range of adapters for use with PVC screens and risers. Our PVC adapter offering includes the following options: ...

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  • Slip Caps & Plugs

    Slip Caps & Plugs

    Hole Products offers a complete range of PVC slip fittings ...

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  • PVC Well Casing

    PVC Well Casing

    Hole Products offers bell and plain end PVC casing in Schedules 40 and 80, and SDR’s 17, 21, and 26. All PVC casings meet or exceed specification AS...

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  • PVC Accessories

    PVC Accessories

    Hole Products offers a wide range of PVC accessories including stainless steel centralizers, shale traps, surge blocks, well cleaning brushes and chemical...

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