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Polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) bits were first introduced into the oil industry in the mid 70's. Since then, numerous technological design changes have been implemented that
have made them an extremely effective tool when drilling in
certain formations, most typically homogenous sedimentary
rock formations including sandstone, shale, dolomite, and limestone. PDC bits use a shearing or shaving action when encountering the formation. These bits are normally used at higher rotation speeds than typical rotary bits.

The hydraulics of PDC bits are designed to keep the hole
clean and the bit cool, which in turn increases the ROP
and longevity of the bit.

Hole Products offers a wide range of PDC bits in sizes up to 24". All PDC bits are fully customizable to meet specific drilling requirements, depending on the formation being drilled and the equipment being used.

Explore the subcategories below, view our online Drill Bits catalog, or contact your Hole Products representative for detailed bit specifications, assistance selecting the correct bit for your specific application, or to learn more about our complete Drill Bit product offering.


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    PDC Options

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