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Overshots are a key component of wireline coring systems. To retrieve the core sample, the overshot is lowered into the hole on a wire cable until it comes in contact with the spearhead point on the head assembly. Positive latching lifting dogs securely attach, and the inner tube assembly is pulled from the hole to retrieve the core.

V-lock Overshots                                                       

Hole Products' V-lock overshots are safe, reliable, fast, and easy to use. The automatic safety feature is designed to reduce the chance of an accidental release. When the inner tube assembly is attached and lifted, the lifting dogs automatically retract into position. No extra manual steps are required to activate the safety feature, thus reducing the potential for human error.

Standard Overshots

Hole Products' standard overshots feature a manual safety lock pin. Once the core filled inner tube is hoisted above the top of the drill rods the safety lock pin can be inserted through the overshot head and under the spearhead point. This will allow the operator to hoist and remove the core sample from the inner tube.

Close-up comparison of Standard and V-Lock overshot.







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