Hollow Stem Auger Cutterheads

Hollow Stem Auger Cutterheads


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Hollow Stem Auger Cutterheads

Hole Products offers a full range of hollow stem cutterheads, for augers ranging in sizes from 2 1/4" through 10 1/4" (identified by the auger I.D.) and for 2 key or 3 key drive system.

Cutterheads are offered in a number of styles suitable for drilling in a variety of formations. Please refer to the descriptions below for information regarding effectiveness in particular formations.

All cutterheads and component parts are manufactured using premium quality materials and field tested to ensure optimum performance.

Click on a cutterheard style below to view part numbers, replacement parts and size availability.

For additional assistance, please contact your Hole Products representative.

 Close-up of Blade cutterhead.
Blade Cutterheads

Blade cutterheads feature carbide-tipped blade cutters, which are most effective in soft to medium/soft formations such as dirt, clay, mild sandstone, and light shale.


 Close-up of Spade cutterhead.
Spade Cutterheads

Spade cutterheads feature carbide-tipped spade cutters, which are most effective in soft to medium formations such as clay, hard sandstone, and light to medium shale.


Close-up of Bullet cutterhead.   
Bullet Cutterheads

Bullet cutterheads feature carbide-tipped bullet cutters, which are most effective in medium to hard formations such as hard clay, sandstone, limestone, and shale. 


 Close-up of Blade/Bullet cutterhead.  
Blade/Bullet Cutterheads

Blade/Bullet cutterheads are most effective in soft to medium formations such as clay, hard sandstone, and hard shale.



 Close-up of Spade/Bullet cutterhead.
Spade/Bullet Cutterheads 
Spade/bullet cutterheads are most effective in soft to medium/hard formations such as clay, sandstone, hard shale, and soft limestone.
 Close-up of 5-T cutterhead.  
5-T Cutterheads

5-T cutterheads feature carbide tipped square finger cutters, which are most effective in hard compacted clay formations.



Close-up of G.E.T cutterhead.
G.E.T. Cutterheads

The bulldozer of the cutterhead world and designed to handle the toughest drilling conditions, G.E.T.s feature carbide reinforced cutting surfaces and field replaceable blades. Due to the design, cuttings are fed quickly up the auger, eliminating slough in the bottom of the hole. In addition, G.E.T.s can be fitted with a carbide center bit for fast and accurate starts on concrete and asphalt.

 Close-up of replacement bolt.  
Replacement Cutters and Bolts

Hole Products offer various cutter and bolts for all makes and models of auger cutters. If you don't see what you are looking for give us a call.



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