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Horizontal directional drilling, commonly referred to as HDD, is a steerable, trenchless drilling method most commonly used for installation of underground utilities. HDD makes drilling under roads, lakes, or difficult terrain possible and reduces the impact on the environment and infrastructure.

To service the horizontal directional drilling market, we provide a full line of Ditch
Witch® and Vermeer® compatible tools and accessories including transmitter housings, tail pieces, drive chucks, saver subs, bits and blades, reamers, quick disconnects, rods, swivels, pipe and cable pullers, tracer wire, drilling fluids and much more.

On top of our vast product offering, all of our HDD tooling is backed by second to none service and around the clock support.

Explore the subcategories below, view our online HDD Tooling catalog, or contact your Hole Products representative to learn more about our complete HDD product offering.
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  • Transmitter Housings & Tail Pieces

    Transmitter Housings & Tail Pieces

    Hole Products offers a complete line of  transmitter housings, tail pieces, and replacement parts for use on all Ditch Witch® and Vermeer@ rig mo...

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  • Lead Rods/Transition Rods

    Lead Rods/Transition Rods

    Hole Products offers lead/transition rods for use on all Ditch Witch® and Vermeer® drill rig models. Lead rods and trandsition rods&n...

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  • HDD Drill Rod

    HDD Drill Rod

    Hole Products offers a complete line of HDD drill rod for use with all Ditch Witch® and Vermeer® drill rig models. All HDD rods are m...

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  • HDD Paddle Bits

    HDD Paddle Bits

    Hole Products offers a wide range of HDD paddle bits for use on all Ditch Witch® and Vermeer® drill rigs. Bits are available in a wide range of st...

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  • HDD Back Reamers

    HDD Back Reamers

    Hole Products offers a full line of HDD back reamers in a wide range of sizes and styles for maximum productivity in a variety of ground conditions. Railh...

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  • Mincon HDD Drilling Systems

    Mincon HDD Drilling Systems

    Hole Products offers a complete range of Mincon® hardrock drilling tools for use in horizontal directional drilling industry. These tools are specific...

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  • Railhead Underground Products

    Railhead Underground Products

    Hole Products offers a complete line of Railhead® HDD drilling tools. Railhead® products are built tough and designed to fit all major brands of H...

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  • HDD Drive Collars, Chucks, and Subs

    HDD Drive Collars, Chucks, and Subs

    Hole Products Drive Collars, Chucks, and Crossover and Saver Subs are available to fit various HDD tooling offering various options to keep your tooling, and accessories attached to the drill.

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  • HDD Swivels & Pulling Equipment

    HDD Swivels & Pulling Equipment

    Hole Products offers a complete line of HDD swivels, grips, slings, pullers and shackles for a variety of Horizontal Directional Drilling applications.

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  • HDD Accessories

    HDD Accessories

    Hole Products horizontal directional drill accessories compliment your HDD drilling equipment providing the right choices that are an easy addition to complement a variety of HDD drilling applicatio...

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