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Hole Products offers a wide range of HDD paddle bits for use on all Ditch Witch® and Vermeer® drill rigs. Bits are available in a wide range of styles for use in a variety of formations.

All bits are manufactured using premium materials and many are hard faced using a tungsten carbide embedding process, thus ensuring maximum wear life.

Please contact a Hole Products representative for additional information and specific recommendations regarding soil types and proper bit selection.


HDD paddle bits compatible with Vermeer, Ditch Witch, and other rigs ready to ship.


SANDY: Loose sand or any soil that is predominately comprised of sand

LIGHT: Clay, silt, soft to medium soils that contain moisture

MEDIUM: Consolidated clays, semi-compacted soils:

HARD: Compacted soils

ROCKY: Chunk rock, gravel, any non-consistent type of rock

SOFT ROCK: Slate, soft limestone, sandstone, and shales

MEDIUM ROCK: Limestone, sandstone, dolomite, shales 

HARD ROCK: Hard limestone, granite, schist, trap rock, and quartzite

*Soil conditions often vary throughout a pilot bore which may affect the actual performance of the bit



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