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Hole Products offers a large selection of quality diamond products including diamond impregnated bits & shoes, surface set diamond bits, carbide chip bits & shoes, pcd bits, drive shoes, and reaming shells.

Products in this section are specifically designed and manufactured to provide optimum performance and longevity in specific ground conditions.

By selecting the most appropriate product for the drilling conditions, you can ensure maximum productivity and increased product longevity.

Explore the subcategories below, view our online Coring Tools catalog, or contact your Hole Products representative to learn more about our complete Diamond Product offering.

Showing impregnated, surface set, pdc bits and shoes. 


  • Diamond Impregnated Bits

    Diamond Impregnated Bits

    Diamond impregnated bits are the most widely used bits in the core drilling industry. By adjusting the combination of metal powders and diamonds in the cr...

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  • Surface Set Diamond Bits

    Surface Set Diamond Bits

    Surface set diamond bits are primarily recommended for use in drilling relatively soft, abrasive, unconsolidated formations. They can also be useful when drilling harder formations where the availab...

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  • PCD Bits

    PCD Bits

    Polycrystalline compact diamond (PCD) bits are constructed with a single layer of cutters mounted on the face of the bit in a predetermined pattern. These...

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  • Diamond Impregnated Shoes

    Diamond Impregnated Shoes

    Diamond impregnated shoes are used to advance the outer drill string through the overburden, and to assist seating the drill string into the bedrock, thus...

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  • Carbide Chip Casing Shoes and Bits

    Carbide Chip Casing Shoes and Bits

    Hole Products carbide chip bits and shoes are a high performance, cost effective solution for drilling in overburden and soft to medium rock...

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  • Stagger Tooth Bits & Casing Shoes

    Stagger Tooth Bits & Casing Shoes

    Hole Products' Stagger tooth bits and shoes are are maufactured with an aggressivea pattern similar to a saw blade to provide, maximum penetration in clay...

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  • Casing Drive Shoes

    Casing Drive Shoes

    Basic drive shoe designed for soft formations. Commonly used in clay, sand, and other soft formations as a method of advancing casing. Genera...

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  • Reaming Shells

    Reaming Shells

    Hole Products complete line of quality reaming shells are produced with premium diamonds to ensure great wear resistance while providing consistent hole d...

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