Diamond Impregnated Bits

Diamond Impregnated Bits


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Diamond Impregnated Bits

Diamond impregnated bits are the most widely used bits in the core drilling industry. By adjusting the combination of metal powders and diamonds in the crown (or matrix), diamond impregnated bits can be manufactured to maximize penetration rates and bit life in a variety of rock formations. These variations are commonly identified by a series rating. As drilling progresses, the crown is slowly worn away, exposing new diamonds on the cutting surface. When the wear rate between the matrix material and the diamonds is balanced, optimum penetration rates and bit life will be achieved.

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Mining minerals with Hole Products drill bits. 

GT Diamond Impregnated Bits

Hole Products' GT bits are offered as a non-customizable design with a standard crown height and waterways. GT bits offer a great combination of quality and value.


Premium Diamond Impregnated Bits

Hole Products' premium diamond impregnated bits are designed to optimize performance in any rock formation. Premium bits are fully customizable with multiple waterway options and numerous crown heights.



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