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Coring Accessories

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At Hole Products we offer a complete line of coring accessories to compliment our complete diamond core tooling packages.

All coring accessories are made from the finest quality materials and field tested, ensuring superior performance and resistance to wear.

From core boxes and water swivels, to coring wrenches, packers, plugs and wedges, we have the accessories you need to ensure efficient and productive drilling.

For additional information on our coring accessories product offering, please view a subcategory below or contact a Hole Products representative for additional details.

Hole Products shelves stocked with core drilling tools.

  • Core Boxes

    Core Boxes

    Hole Products offers three core box options, available in all standard industry sizes. Custom core box configurations are available upon request. ...

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  • Water Swivels

    Water Swivels

    Hole Products offers quality compact plus and universal high speed coring swivels. Coring swivels provide a watertight rotating joint to help pump pressur...

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  • Hoisting Plugs

    Hoisting Plugs

    Hoisting Plugs make for easy raising and lowering of drill rods and casing. Hole Products hoisting plugs are constructed of top quality components, ensuring superior reliability and safe raising and...

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  • Wireline Packers

    Wireline Packers

    Hole Products offers a complete range of inflatable wireline packers and accessories for standard core barrel sizes N, H, and P. Wireline pac...

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  • Plugs


    Plugs are commonly used for cementing sections of holes and setting deflection wedges for situations such as branch holes. Hole Products offers Van Ruth plu...

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  • Wedges


    Deflection wedges are used to alter the course of a drill hole in a number of scenarios. Hole Products offers deflection wedges in sizes B, ...

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  • Casing Cutters

    Casing Cutters

    When the entire drill string cannot be recovered, Hole products casing cutters are the perfect tool to minimize loss. Single bl...

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  • Core Recovery Tools

    Core Recovery Tools

    Hole Products offers the recovery tools you need to retrieve stuck, damaged or lost tooling, or other objects from the borehole.Available in all standard industry sizes, our recovery taps, spears, a...

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  • Wireline Cable & Accessories

    Wireline Cable & Accessories

    Wireline Cable To ensure core recovery, quality wireline cable is a must. Hole Products     offers galvanized and swaged ...

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