Continuous Flight Auger Cutterheads

Continuous Flight Auger Cutterheads


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Continuous Flight Auger Cutterheads

Continuous flight cutterheads are offered in a number of styles suitable for drilling in a variety of formations. Please refer to the descriptions below for information regarding effectiveness in particular formations.

All cutterheads and component parts are manufactured using premium quality materials and field tested to ensure optimum performance.

Click on a cutterheard style below to view part numbers, replacement parts and size availability.

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Close-up of Finger bit cutterhead.
Finger Bit Cutterheads

Finger bit cutterheads come standard with tungsten carbide bits and are suitable for abrasive conditions and light to moderate soil formations such as silt, sand, fine gravel, and shale.

 Close-up of Bulldog bit cutterhead.
Bulldog Bit Cutterheads

Stong, durable multi-purpose auger head used in a wide range of drilling applications. Bits are designed to revolve during the cutting action for a more uniform wear pattern and longer preformance. They are recommended for abrasive conditions and difficult hard formations. 



Close-up of Fishtail cutterhead.

Fishtail Cutterheads

Fishtail cutterheads are designed for drilling straight holes through semi-consolidated formations including sand, silt, gravel, and clay. Complete assemblies include bit and
shank. Replacement bits and shanks are available.

 Close-up of Mining bit.

Mining Bit

Tungsten carbide insert bit prongs maximize penetration and minimize machine load. Bits are recommened for medium hard non-uniform formations. Bits are perform well in small bore horizontal or vertical holes. Bit sizes are identified by the hole size, not the actual flight diameter.



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